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Shooting a moment in video has always been a difficult task, but 4K videos' ability to use any single frame as a high-res image allows photographers to now capture both without having to compromise quality. But when you shoot in Full HD, you will need to pay much more attention to your focusing techniques – even a slight focus error will show. Also, you will need to pay more attention to camera shake.

4K Video allows you to record sharpest video ever without any extra effort. It lets you do high end video editing to create a masterpiece, every time. It also allows you to select individual frames as stunning photos, simply and smartly. With 30 photos per second, you will have plenty to choose the perfect moment from. So, go ahead and capture the world around you, in all its natural beauty.

Difference BetweenHD & 4K


Details- Four Times

the resolution of Full-HD!

4K Video delivers superb image quality and offers exciting possibilities for editing. Even when you downscale it to 1080p for viewing, you get a sharper, more detailed image than if you'd simply shot in Full HD. It also allows you to easily capture a single video frame and use it as a still image, with 8 megapixel resolution, from a 4K burst file.

Advantages of 4K Video

4K lets you crop and improve your composition and allows you to zoom up to 200% while keeping HD picture quality. Perfect for capturing the excitement by zooming in to the action in slow-motion replays. You can also turn the stationary footage into a moving shot by applying a little movement.

4K also lets you tilt your footage to level your composition. This gives you complete control over the direction of the movement. As 4K has a great number of pixels, you can easily enhance and stabilize your video the way you want. It gives you more options to edit and make your video more clear.

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By cropping parts equivalent to Full-HD from 4K images, which boast four times the resolution of Full-HD, you can create zoom shots and panning from a single shot. Images that are down-converted from 4K to Full-HD have higher quality and greater resolution.

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With 4K video you now have the freedom to zoom in and follow a shot at Full HD to give your video more options.

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Sometimes when shooting, you can't always achieve a level horizon. But with 4K video, you enjoy four times the resolution of Full-HD. That's why leveling the horizon no longer will give you a pixelated scene.

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When enlarging images several percent to apply the effects of editing software to hand-shake correction, the extra margin of 8 megapixels helps to prevent image degradation.

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The photography and videography has come a long way. Thanks to camera technology and great editing tools, people are now able to create photos like never before. But it doesn't stop here. With the most recent innovations in technology, the photo and video industry are now moving towards 4K.